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Shoptalk Meetup

Join the world’s largest community of retail changemakers and the Orckestra team during Shoptalk Meetup - virtual event on October 20-22, 2020.

Shoptalk Meetup is retail’s first digitally native event! It’s a fun, productive way to connect online with the people you know and meet the people you don’t--in a friendly and open environment. It’s like being at Shoptalk, but without going through TSA.

Thousands of your customers, partners, prospects, coworkers and friends will be there, and you should be too! (Retailers & Brands, Startup Direct-to-Consumer Companies, Solution Providers &Tech Companies, Startup Tech Companies, Investors & Lenders, Media & Sell Side Analysts, Real Estate Developers, Agencies, Consulting and Analyst Firms, etc.)


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