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Orckestra Commerce Cloud is now FitForCommerce Verified!
Orckestra Inc. has recently received the FitForCommerce Verification seal for its Unified Commerce platform, Orckestra Commerce Cloud. Powered by unique Commerce Orchestration™ technology, Orckestra Commerce Cloud goes beyond traditional eCommerce solutions and platforms by allowing brands to deliver streamlined customer experiences across physical and digital touch-points, all from a single platform running on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.

FitForCommerce Verification or “FFC Verified” is a structured evaluation process by which a certified analyst reviews claims and proof points for pre-defined features and capabilities important to an eCommerce website and business. FFC Verification is a recognized industry standard evaluation method.

The goal of FFC Verified is to establish a recognized industry-wide standard for evaluation, verification and certification for providers and their offerings, all of which will be centrally located and displayed on eCommerceKnowHow.com. eCommerce providers who have passed the FFC Verified evaluation process will differentiate themselves with a “seal” of approval on EK.com and throughout their marketing material. An eCommerce solution may have been “verified” but each criterion has its own “verification” flag.

“This represents an additional, relevant credential that will bring further awareness and credibility for Orckestra Commerce Cloud in the market and among our channel community,” said Orckestra’s VP Global Partner & Alliances, Kais Makhlouf. 

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