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Unify Touchpoint Experiences

Unify your sales channels

A flexible, API-based order management solution that unlocks your inventory and makes it accessible at every customer touchpoint. Get rid of siloed operations and scale your business faster.

  • Single point of reference for all available inventory across your enterprise
  • Enable near real-time access to inventory for all sales channels
  • Fulfill orders from the optimal location based on configurable fulfillment rules
Order Routing

Tailor order routing to your needs

Advanced order routing fulfills orders from the most effective locations. Ensure customers find the products they want and deliver them faster, at a lower cost.

  • Combine inventory from retail stores and distribution centers
  • Route based on location, inventory, order capacity and other flexible options
  • Configurable order splitting re-allocates parts of an order to different fulfillment locations for faster delivery to customers
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Store Fulfillment

Embrace the flexibility of store fulfillment

Increase sales and reduce unnecessary markdowns by enabling stores to fulfill online orders.

  • Convenient in-store or curb-side pickup
  • Seamless ship-from-store experience with shipping carrier integration
  • Split orders between stores and distribution centers
  • Automatically re-route orders when inventory is inaccurate
  • Manage fulfillment SLAs
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Liberate your commerce

Grow your online sales, maximize the value of your retail footprint

Store Fulfillment




The only API-based order management platform that enables you to create new ordering and fulfillment experiences without costly re-platforming

Inventory integration

Inventory integration

Enterprise-wide inventory visibility with unlimited options to customize order assignment and routing rules

Optimized order fulfillment

Optimized order fulfillment

Lower your operation and shipment costs and, offer more convenience for your ecommerce customer

Empowered Customer Service

Provide your team with the tools to quickly respond to customer questions and solve any problem.


Customer management

Real-time access to view and manage customer and order information. Easily create orders and add items on behalf of customers.

Order management

Track all order workflow activities and manage shipment and payment information to resolve any order issues.

Order history

Access your customers’ complete order history at-a-glance. Stay one step ahead of potential questions and requests.

Omnichannel Order Management benefits

Increase sales

Increase sales

Drive new omnichannel sales by making all inventory accessible on all channels

Improve customer experience

Improve customer experience

Offer more convenient ordering and fulfillment options for your customers

Reduce costs

Reduce costs

Lower costs and improve delivery times by using local stores to fulfill online orders