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Increase online sales by making store inventory more accessible

Aggregate inventory from all your stores and distribution centers and make all your products available to your customers wherever they shop. Advanced order routing and omnichannel fulfillment capabilities ensure you can meet your promise to customers, while using inventory from the best location.

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Mobile Store Fulfillment Application - Shipment feature

Enable Ship-from-store, Ship-to-Store, and In-Store Pickup with one simple solution

Leverage your stores as hyperlocal distribution centers. Mobile Store Fulfillment offers customers the benefit of faster home delivery and the option to buy online and pick-up in store. Retailers are able to optimize in-store inventory usage, and can significantly reduce the time and cost for fulfilling online orders.

Create a more efficient experience for your stores

Mobile Store Fulfillment Application - Picking feature

Simple fulfillment process for store associates

The fulfillment app makes it easy for your store staff to acknowledge and process online orders, ensuring accurate and timely order preparation.  Stores receive order details directly into the app and are guided through the fulfillment process with all the relevant order information, including high-resolution product images.


Configurable order routing and workflows

Define your order routing policies based on store inventory, location, hours of the day, and more.  Fully customizable workflows help you put the proper rules and process in place, ensuring the most appropriate store fulfills every order. 


Fulfillment SLAs and status notifications

Fulfilling orders on time requires the right notifications for store associates, and visibility for your management team. Configurable service level agreements (SLAs) provide guidance on how much time stores have to acknowledge and fulfill orders before they are routed to the next best fulfillment location.

KPI Dashboard

Get the visibility you need with store fulfillment analytics

The platform captures all the key fulfillment events tied to every order, providing retailers with insights on the types of orders being sent for store fulfillment, the performance of different stores in fulfilling those orders, and the performance of the overall store fulfillment program. You can also dive directly into any specific order to troubleshoot problems more deeply.