Achieve more with Unified Commerce in the Cloud

For most retailers building new consumer shopping experience means investing in new costly data and process integrations each time, because different retail platforms are still operating in silos. Retailers still have commerce functionality spread across different disconnected platforms that were built for a single purpose and are hard to extend. As consumer shopping experiences continue to evolve faster than ever, it just isn’t sustainable to keep patching different systems together. This is where a Unified Commerce platform helps.

With a Unified Commerce approach, you drive all shopping touchpoints from one central platform. This central platform provides an open commerce API that you leverage and extend, along with a commerce data hub that aggregates all relevant data across different systems, and you layer your unique experiences and applications on top. By driving all commerce interactions from one place, with one version of the truth, retailers can build new connected shopping experiences faster to match the speed of evolving consumer needs, and they can do so with lower cost and complexity to the business.

Not another re-platform

Achieving Unified Commerce shouldn’t mean that you replace every retail system you have with a new end-to-end platform, since this is impossible for most retailers to do. What retailers need is a new centralized commerce layer that drives all shopping experiences consistently, and federates existing retail systems and data. This is what we refer to as Commerce Orchestration™.

Build awesome shopping experiences, not data centers

Build your commerce experiences on a modern cloud platform so you can move faster and expand globally, and save money in the process. Turn-on and scale infrastructure as needed, develop collaboratively with global teams and partners you work with, and leverage a broader ecosystem of innovation so you can build new commerce experiences at the speed of a nimble start-up.

We provide a modern commerce platform built on Microsoft Azure, the leading open cloud for enterprise. We enable you to deploy innovative commerce solutions quickly, that scale as you grow your business. You’ll have the largest global data center network at your disposal, with leading data protection standards, and a powerful ecosystem of cloud services to accelerate your innovation. In addition, Azure provides unique capabilities to integrate your cloud-based commerce applications with the various retail systems you run on-premises so you don’t have to worry about being forced to move everything to the cloud.

Why Commerce PaaS?

Our approach to commerce in the cloud is truly different because we provide retailers with the agility of SaaS including automated scalability, regular software updates, managed hosting and SLA, with the flexibility to build custom, differentiating capabilities and experiences that delight their customers.

Start and get to market fast by using our packaged commerce experiences and applications, and leverage our open APIs and extension points to build your own unique value with your development team, your partners’, or ours. It’s Commerce in the cloud without compromise.

How is commerce PaaS different?

On Premise

  • Highly customizable to your needs
  • Outdated soon after you ship
  • Long and difficult upgrade processes
  • Dedicated environments becoming outdated


  • One size fits « some » (limited customization)
  • Multi-tenant auto-scaling
  • Frequent upgrades
  • Forced changes and features

Experience the power of Orckestra's commerce cloud in Microsoft Azure 


57% of fortune 500 companies use Azure

Other cloud-based commerce solutions require you to choose their proprietary cloud platform. We don't.

Orckestra's .NET Commerce OrchestrationTM platform runs in Azure, the market-leading cloud platform that integrates with your environment, so you can focus your efforts on running your business and not your IT team.

Cloud innovation that keeps on giving

Microsoft Azure is an open, non-proprietary and ever-expanding cloud technology. And it brings your business the tremendous advantages of Microsoft innovation as you evolve, including:

Everywhere you are

Cloud innovation that keeps on giving Microsoft Azure is an open, non-proprietary and ever-expanding cloud technology. And it brings your business the tremendous advantages of Microsoft innovation as you evolve.


Azure offers developers of all types the flexibility to build cloud apps and services across multiple devices and platforms. 


Microsoft has the most complete platform for predictive analytics and intelligent applications, empowering enterprises to realize the maximum value from their data.

IoT Services

The Internet of Things (IoT) provides the opportunity to enable and extend digital business scenarios, helping you better connect customers, processes, stores and devices, and better harness data across your business and operations.


Rapidly build and deploy engaging cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows or Mac, store app data in the cloud or on-premises, authenticate users, send push notifications, as well as add your custom backend logic in C# or Node.js.

Trust & Security

Azure meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards. For a complete list, check here: