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Andrea Dorfman
Andrea Dorfman
Content Manager

As digital increasingly wreaks havoc on traditional brick and mortar, retailers are yearning for ways to connect the conveniences of online shopping (information, choice and speed) with the physical shopping experiences that customers still prefer. And they're realizing that there's tremendous opportunity when these online and offline experiences are delivered seamlessly.

  • Are you losing sales because your online and offline stores aren't connected?
  • Are you losing impatient customers?
  • Are your store associates at least as informed as today’s research savvy consumers?
  • Are you able to facilitate an experience where a purchase that was started online can be completed in-store and vice versa?

This infographic depicts Emma’s perfect path to purchase from online research to outstanding personal service in-store. With a retailer that understands the power of innovation to leverage their stores and employees as competitive advantages.

Why not go a step further and download the eBook "Pushing the Physical Limits of Retail with Digital”, and learn how you can connect these innovative solutions with your existing systems? 

 Connected Retail Stores, a seamless Customer Journey online and in-store