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The new world of retail is an intersection of digital and physical. As most e-commerce experts suggest, retailers need to offer a consistent experience throughout all channels simply because that is what today’s consumer expects.

Here are 5 ways to optimize your omnichannel strategy:

1. Have a single view of your inventory

Inventory visibility is a top priority of retailers, throughout the supply chain and in-stores. Streamline the supply chain means knowing the exact location of a product. By doing so, in-store associates can provide a better customer experience.

2. Create a personalized customer experience

Every customer has different expectations in terms of a good customer experience. A negative experience may involve out-of-stocks and complicated check outs, in-store as well as online. Remember, customers are looking for the best product, the best price and the most convenient way to shop. If you create a personalized experience where they feel that you are showing them that you’re interested and providing them with valuable personalization, this will increase their brand loyalty and in turn, create conversion. User customer data to improve customer experience.

3. Provide tools and training to your sales associates

Empower your sales associates to meet customer needs and provide mobile tools to help them do so. The associates may need to look up inventory or a customer loyalty profile in real time. Leading retailers investing in new associate training and tools are seeing sales increases 80% higher than retailers who don’t (ref. Retail TouchPoints, 2019 e-commerce Outlook Guide)

4. Ease the path to purchase

Retailers must eliminate wasted time and barriers to buying by making navigation and product search simple and user-friendly. Online platform should have intuitive taxonomy and intelligent search features. Reducing friction in the shopper journey and improving ease of purchase are key to building an optimal omnichannel experience.

5. Connect online and in-store ecosystems into a cohesive retail experience

Efforts to ease the path of purchase should extend beyond a digital store map to the in-store experience. Enhance the omnichannel experience by leveraging online data. Maintain cohesive themes and messaging across all shopper touch points (cross-channel) such as compelling visual content, product details, recommendations. Take what you learn from one channel and apply it to the other. Channel strategy is critical to maintain growth.

Winning omnichannel retailers will be those who understand today’s shopper journey, offer high-quality and cohesive cross-channel retail environments, reduce friction and improve ease of purchase, all in a connected commerce world.

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