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With March marking the anniversary of COVID-19, we found ourselves reflecting on the past year and how this new reality has profoundly transformed our everyday lives and shopping behaviors. Being able to engage shoppers online, provide seamless experiences, and deliver diverse fulfillment options have never been more important. 

Spring is bringing us renewed energy and we continue to accelerate our efforts to empower marketers with simple and effective ways to connect with their customers on every channel more efficiently.

Here are new features that will bring a breath of fresh air to your marketing campaigns and promotions:

Delight shoppers with gifts or free samples

Our marketing application now features a new reward option called Gift with Purchase that is available out-of-the-box without the need for customization. This promotion option automatically adds a free product to the shopping cart when a customer meets the set conditions. For example, if the basket of a customer shopping online for personal care and beauty products reaches a given amount, a free perfume sample gets added to their cart. No action is required by the customer!

Reach shoppers with powerful promotions

Our new promotion settings provide marketers with more control to manage their promotions more efficiently. Here are three new functionalities to help you design the most successful campaigns, promotions, and events:

  • Enhanced Promotion Exclusivity: Promotions can now be made exclusively on a per campaign basis. This allows you to have multiple promotions in one campaign and set some of them to be exclusive. When these exclusive promotions apply, they are the only promotions in that campaign that will be calculated. However, if you have promotions in other campaigns, those will apply as usual. We still have the flexibility to support exclusive promotions across all campaigns, where a promotion will block all other promotions from being launched when they are applied.
  • Maximum Discount Amount: You can now also set maximum amounts on promotions to easily apply specific limitations to maximum rewards.
  • Promo Code Usage Limits: The promo code maximum usage limit has now gone from 2 uses to 10 uses per customer.

Make changes to product categories with ease

Our enhanced product management capabilities facilitate taxonomy adjustments. It helps you define the hierarchy of your entire offering for your various regions and different brands, so you can manage them all with ease.

It is now possible to move a product category as well as all its subcategories to a new parent category in a single operation. Changes in the product category hierarchy can be made more rapidly, ensuring that your online store is organized optimally.

Save valuable time with our new import validation tool

The Product Import Validator allows you to validate key items in the import files prior to going through the complete import process. This allows you to proactively identify any potential issues with the import file, obtain tips on how to fix any errors, and make sure that all products are imported correctly.

Take, for example, a digital commerce manager who receives a new product list from a supplier and needs to import all 3,000 SKUs into the system. Before, they would have needed to proactively check the compliance of the data manually. With this tool, the task is now accelerated, and they can focus more on correcting errors rather than looking for them. The tool would identify any missing or erroneous attributes, if certain system fields are missing in the file, and validate the types of those attributes.

For more information about Orckestra’s latest features and omnichannel commerce solutions, get in touch with our experts or click here to explore the release notes.