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NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show will be back in New York City in January 2023. It’ll focus on new technology, new partnerships, and new inspiration to help you stand out in the retail industry.

We look forward to meeting in person to share critical insights on digital growth and collaborate to accelerate omnichannel retail.

That said, there’s a lot to be covered at NRF 2023, so we’ll look at some key areas to help you make the most of the event.

Keep reading to find out:

  • What You Should Expect at NRF 2023
  • How To Get the Most Out of NRF 2023
  • Final Thoughts: NRF 2023 — What To Expect From Retail's Big Show in 2023


What You Should Expect at NRF 2023

NRF 2023 will be held from Jan. 15 to 17, 2023, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York. The National Retail Federation (NRF) has also planned an opening party on Jan. 14, 2023.

The event will feature innovative retail solutions for all kinds of retailers. For example, the Innovation Lab will help many companies introduce new cutting-edge technologies in the retail field.

On top of that, attendees will be able to meet other retailers and build solid professional relationships.

Here's a closer look at what you can expect at NRF 2023:


NRF Innovation Lab

The NRF Innovation Lab will cover the latest developments in the retail industry that can change how retail businesses deliver customer experiences.

The Innovation Lab will showcase technologies in areas such as:

  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Augmented reality (AR)
  • Virtual reality (VR)
  • Robotics 

There will also be 110 Exhibitor Big Ideas sessions on five stages where various companies will share case studies and showcase their latest products.


Consumer Product Showcase

The Consumer Product Showcase will set NRF 2023 apart from past events like NRF 2022. It'll help attendees see breakout products from entrepreneurs, brands, suppliers, and small businesses.

Marketplaces and large retailers will also be able to discover new products, network with diverse businesses, and identify new and trending inventory.


Retail Leaders From Some of the Biggest International Retail Brands

Over 350 speakers and 800 exhibitors will feature in NRF 2023. They'll inspire and advise retailers on the latest operations, talent, growth, and business model breakthroughs.

Some of the prominent speakers will include:

  • Brian Cornell, CEO of Target. He’ll converse with some top female leaders from Target. They'll be discussing how you can build a robust corporate culture and Target’s vision of retail leadership in the future.
  • John Furner, CEO of Walmart. He’ll have a conversation with business leaders live on the main stage. With his guests, John will discuss leadership lessons and the decision-making processes of some of the most successful businesses. 
  • Geoffroy van Raemdonck, CEO of Neiman Marcus Group. He’ll be talking about the company’s differentiated model and how it's influencing their growth strategy of transforming luxury experiences.
  • Martin Urrutia Islas, The LEGO Group’s Global Head of Retail Experience. He'll talk about LEGO's blending of digital and physical experiences to develop memorable customer experiences that bring the LEGO brand to life.
  • Theresa Watts, True Religion Brand Jeans’ Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. She'll be talking about building excellent careers in the retail industry and how cultivating a culture of belonging and purpose leads to increased job satisfaction and employee loyalty.


Exciting Experiences at the Expanded Jacob K. Javits Convention Center 

The expansion of the Javits Center was completed in September 2021, enlarging the capacity by 1.2 million square feet

As a result, there will be dynamic new spaces for all the events in NRF 2023, with improved operational efficiency and reduced traffic congestion.

You’ll also be able to relax at the new lounges and listen to live music, get a caricature drawing, eat chocolates, take pictures, charge your electronics, and more.


How To Get the Most Out of NRF 2023

Before NRF 2023 begins, here are some tips to help you prepare and get the most out of the event:


Set Clear Goals on What You Want To Gain From the Event

Before the convention starts, reflect on what you want to learn about omnichannel retailing. Set specific goals for what you want to gain from NRF 2023. 

Here are some examples:

  • Find the latest digital solutions to your company's persistent issues
  • Look for new technology to replace your legacy systems
  • Look for breakthrough experiences and ideas to help you stand out from the competition
  • Meet other retailers and build solid professional relationships


Plan for the Sessions You Want To Attend

It'll be impossible to be everywhere at the conference, so prioritize which sessions you want to attend and maximize your time on them.  

For instance, NRF 2023 will feature several exciting programs, such as:

  • Innovation Lab: Immersive exhibition that showcases breakthrough technologies.
  • Big Ideas from Exhibitors: Aimed at showing attendees how products work in the real world.
  • StartupZone: Connect with new retail businesses and learn about their ideas.
  • Food Technology Pavilion: Designed to meet the needs of various food service businesses.

You can look at the full conference agenda before the event begins and mark the sessions that interest you the most.


Plan and Optimize Your Time Well

Plan your coffee and lunch breaks to coincide with the people you want to meet. Optimize this opportunity to make connections with top retailers in the omnichannel retailing industry.

You can also plan to attend the guided Retail Store Tours, where a retail industry expert will lead each guided tour to several carefully selected stores. As a result, you'll be able to gain insider insights and hear from industry subject matter experts.

As you pack your bags to attend NRF 2023, stick to comfortable outfits and shoes (you can leave those high heels and scratchy sweaters behind). Also, keep your business cards on hand during the conference in case you meet people you want to partner with. 


Final Thoughts: NRF 2023 — What To Expect From Retail's Big Show in 2023

NRF 2023 will be an excellent place to network. Here are some of the events you shouldn’t miss during the show:

  • Opening Party
  • Expo Tours
  • VC Startup Meetups
  • Retail’s CIO Party
  • Retail Table Talks
  • Donut Dunks

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