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We are very pleased to release today many innovations to support you in your ecommerce journey and help you achieve greater online growth. This update focuses on improving the efficiency and user experience for our platform business users.

Since our last release, we have been working on unifying the platform's business user applications to our new user experience and design language. By providing extra convenience in the use for our Orckestra Commerce Cloud, we are confident to make it easier for our customers to dedicate time on what they do best: innovating and delivering the best shopping experiences.

Here is a look at some of our most recent product updates:

Holistic Commerce User Interface

In this release, we focused the majority of our efforts on improving the business user experience across our platform applications and adding functionality to make many different tasks more efficient for business users. We have also now unified the user interface across the platform based on our new design language and are officially launching our new Order Management (OMS) and Platform Settings applications for our customers to use.

Unlock More OMS Capabilities

In addition to the design change, our new Order Management application (OMS) improves end-user efficiency with new features and enhancements such as:

Managing multiple orders, customers and organizations all within a single instance of the OMS application window

You can now more easily view, find, and manage organizations in the OMS. The list of organizations displays more properties and offers filters. A search field is also provided. It supports queries on specific properties such as name, email, or phone number, or can be customized to reflect any criteria.

Organization Management

Once you've found the organization you're looking for, you can view its account summary, list of customers, addresses associated with it, custom attributes, and other details from that particular organization.

Organization Details

Orckestra Commerce Cloud now offers a new dedicated module to manage Shared profile entities in the Order Management System application. Selecting a profile displays the list of all its instances. A query field and filter bar allows users to find an exact profile. From this list, you can create a new profile instance or open an existing instance to view or edit its details. Each instance of a custom profile is viewed or edited in its own tab. Section attribute is used to manage the identity and basic properties of the instance, while section custom attributes is used to capture values for any custom attribute defined for the shared profile. The customer service representative can handle several cases concurrently with an improved flow.

Shared Profile Entity Details

Creating orders with an improved product and product variants picker

In this release, we have improved the product catalog browsing experience when creating and editing orders via the OMS. You can now conveniently modify an order by line item and save precious time!

Visualizing and managing complex orders with multiple shipments and packages with more ease

  • Improved order history
  • Your customer service representative can follow up at every stage of an order using the detailed view of the order fulfillment process. The improved order history display allows you to follow along with every stage of an order in a simplified, chronological view.

    Thanks to fulfillment data now displayed in the OMS application, you also have better visibility and simpler flows to manage complex orders with multiple shipments. You can see every step of the order history and if there are further questions about what exactly occurred at any step, you can expand it for a detailed view of that stage in the order's fulfillment process.

  • Timeslot quotas
  • We also improved the interface for managing store fulfillment timeslot schedules. We introduced the ability for users to set timeslot quotas directly from the OMS, which was previously only possible via the API.

Managing stores and warehouses directly from the OMS application

Authorized users can now manage all fulfillment locations from the OMS interface. In addition to managing stores, you can now also use this interface to manage warehouses, which previously was only possible via the API.

The list of stores and warehouses improved considerably through the addition of a set of filters and a query field to help you quickly find an exact store or warehouse. Stores can be searched by name or number, or filtered by status, location type or class.

Resetting customer passwords easily

We created a feature to help you better support your customer in case they need a password reset. This new process allows a customer service agent to more easily send a customer an email including a reset link, similar to how the self-service password reset process works.

Simplified Management of Automated Emails

To help you create seamless promotional marketing emails and notifications for your customers, we developed an improved email template management tool with a simple rich text editor. The new editor allows contributors to preview and edit the HTML of every email template in the system. Your marketing team will now be able to easily personalise each template and craft the perfect communication that matches your brand to a tee!

A Data Model Built for Actual Retailers

Our powerful Commerce Modeler tool is used to organize the hierarchy of your commerce business, enabling you to configure and manage multiple retail brands, geographic regions, product catalogs and more all in one place. Our Commerce Modeler has been improved in the Settings application and across the platform making it easier to navigate and modify your scope model hierarchy when managing a global commerce business. Easily handle user and roles to make sure everyone in the organization has the relevant access to features and data.

Learn more about these new capabilities and many more by reaching out to one of our experts.