Meet Emma, the new digital shopper

Digitally influenced

of customers say they spend more when they use digital as part of their shopping experience

Digitally informed

of customers report using digital shopping-related activities before or during their most recent trip to the store 

Digitally empowered

of customers say digital is essential to make in-store buying easier

From online research to the store

After reading many reviews on social media and doing her own extensive research online, Emma finds exactly what she wants. Happily, she's able to confirm availability of her size at the nearest store, and plans to stop by after work to try it on.


Engage shoppers in-store with interactive kiosks

With digital kiosks serving as trusted advisors, Emma can take pleasure in the ‘touch-and feel’ in-store experience she loves and her need for information. Interactive touchscreens are an autonomous way for her to discover rich product details and photos, relevant videos and promotions, consumer reviews, and recommendations based on categories and brands.

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Open the door to your entire product offering

Never lose a sale because you ran out of stock or can’t carry enough inventory. Push the physical limitations of stores with access to your entire offering, just like you do online. Make it easy for Emma to buy more when she’s in-store, even if the items aren’t all in stock.

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Empower sales associates for complete customer service

Boost employee performance and confidence with Mobile POS, so he can assist Emma and cater to her needs as she shops, helping her find the best deals, making personal recommendations, completing her order and processing the payment, all on the spot.

Give customers the personalized assistance they need

Offer pickup and delivery options

Today’s consumers want speed, convenience and the best deal. So give Emma affordable options like buy online, pickup in-store or scheduled home delivery. Using your stores as fulfillment centers is a true competitive advantage.

Offer seamless delivery options

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Pushing the physical limits of retail with four digital store experiences


To facilitate an experience where a purchase that was started online can be completed in-store and vice versa, organizations need to bring together many disparate back-end systems to deliver the frictionless purchasing experience customers expect.

Follow Emma’s seamless path to purchase from online research to outstanding personal service in-store with a retailer that understands the power of innovation to leverage their stores and employees as a competitive advantage.

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